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SQL Server 2012 new Features

Column store indexes

  • Non-clustered index
  • There is a limit of one columnstore index per table.
  • An index can be created before there is data in the table.
  • A table with a columnstore index cannot be updated

Column store indexesColumn store indexes_1

Contained database

  • Database with meta-data information, security information etc with in the database itself
  • Helps in migrating databases with user accounts

User Defined roles

  • Server Level Roles

User Defined roles


Tabular Model

Tabular Model


DQS Data Quality Services


DQS Flow

  • Build Rule

DQS-Build Rule

  • Transform Rule (IND to India)

DQS-Transform Rule

  • Create New DQS project

Create New DQS project

  • Select DataSource

DQS-Select DataSource

  • Process Data

DQS-Process Data

  • Result



Always On

  • AlwaysOn =Mirroring + Clustering
  • AlwaysOn they need to be in full recovery mode and backed up (preferably to a share that’s visible from the other nodes).

Always On Feature Disable Error

Always On


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