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SSRS: Report Parameters Selected Values To Insert Into Table

Hi Guys, I got this question from MSDN, Original question link here

Question in brief:-

We have a requirement, We want to insert seleted parameters values into custom builted table ,after execution of a report.

How can we insert Selected report parameters into a table.

Note: Report Server database has tables which capture parameter values, easily one can query the tables. However on production report server we developers don’t have access to report server database

Lets start report creation, below things are required to implement:-

  1. Report RDL
  2. At least 2 parameters in the report
  3. If above are 2 parameters then 2 additional parameters, if report has 3 parameters then 3 additional parameters
  4. Custom table created physically in the database

lets create Report first:-

Create basic report, then add parameters like I did.

Create one parameter Initial

Create second parameter Employee  as multivalue

Create DataSet1 using below SQL query :-

SELECT ‘A’ intital


SELECT ‘B’ intital


SELECT ‘C’ intital


Assign available values to first parameter Initial using  query DataSet1 as shown in below:-



Create DataSet2 using below SQL query :-




SELECT ‘A’ intital,’Annik’ FirstName


SELECT ‘A’ intital,’Andrew’ FirstName


SELECT ‘B’ intital,’Bailey’ FirstName


SELECT ‘B’ intital ,’Ben’ FirstName


SELECT ‘C’ intital,’Chris’ FirstName


SELECT ‘C’ intital,’Charles’ FirstName

) T

where T.intital =@Initial

It is cascaded with first parameter.

Assign available values to Second parameter Initial using  query DataSet2 as shown in below:-


Create two more parameters as name

  • InitialSelectedvalues
  • EmployeeSelectedValues

Set default value for both the parameters as shown below:-

InitialSelectedvalues  :- Default value as Parameter Initial



EmployeeSelectedValues : Default value as Employee  with Join as its multi value parameter


Expression is like :=join(Parameters!Employee.Value,”,”)


Now time to create physical table in data base using below script:-

create table parametertable
parameterName NVarchar(250),
PrameterValue NVarchar(max),
Createdon datetime default getdate()

ParameterName Field to hold the name of parameter

PrameterValue field to hold the values selected in the parameters

Createdon is like inserted date of data to track the records when the report inserted.


Once the table created , go the report designer and create one more dataset as DataSet3 with below SQL query:-

insert into parametertable

Select ‘Initail’, @InitialSelectedvalues
Select ‘Employee’, @EmployeeSelectedValues

Run the report,  Report look like below:-


Check the table data , data look like below:-


As we selected B in first parameter and Bailey and Ben selected in second parameter, data is inserted in the table.


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