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SSRS Transpose columns of a report dynamically when rendering in different format

I got this question from MSDN, Link here

User Comments:-

Is it possible while exporting to excel, I can interchange rows data to columns data and columns data to rows data ? (so that customer name comes in row area; and customer code comes in column area)

I have tried to do dynamic grouping based on the Format of rendering, however in dynamic grouping not allowed to use the Global Built-In Fields, Variables, ReportItems collections.

Finally only way left for us to use our classical trick to set the visibility on and off.

This trick can be applied by creating two different Matrix and show one matrix depending on Format rendering.

My trick is to create two groups within the matrix and hide and show one group based on format rendering.

Basic design of the Matrix as shown below:-


In above screen we have two groups, one in row group and another in column group

Let’s create one more group in each side (Row group and Column group) as shown in below screen:-


If first group is based on CustomerCode then create the new group with CustomerName

As shown in below screen:-


Repeat same thing for Column Group as well.

Final Report Design will look like below screen:-


In above screen the Result Field put as shown in the screen.

Now go to the visibility option for each group and set with below expression:-


Second group will be reverse of first group




Let’s run the report


Let’s export the report into excel and see the output



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