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Show One Table with Other Table When Export to Word

From MSDN I got this question Wants the whole table to repeate on each page

User Comment:-

I am having 2 tablix which are getting data from 2 different dataset. I want to repeate the 1st table on each page while exporting the report to Word.

I can’t merge the two dataset to made it one becasuse I am getting these data from some WCP methods and I can’t modify them.

Let’s create two reports, one is parent and one is child.

On Child Report we will create the table which we want to show on top of the report.

This child report will have only table no extra space or outline as shown in below screen.


After that create Main Report and create one tablix and  add all the required fields into the tablix.

Create one group as shown in below screen:-


=Ceiling((RowNumber(Nothing)) /19) this function will  split total records into multiple groups.

in above expression I set it to 19 so that each group can set into one word page, I will show at the end its use.

After creating that group we need to set the page break as shown in below screen:-


While creating above group you must select the ADD Group Header. and then ADD another row above.

Delete default row of tablix header.

In first Row, merged the columns and place the subreport.

Your report design will look like below screen.


Lets run the report and export the report into WORD it will show as  below screen


We are getting  first  table repeat in all alternate page in report.

We need to fix this, just count records(rows) can fit in your word document(its depends upon the tablix column height and where table placed in the report body).

We  will change the group expression

=Ceiling((RowNumber(Nothing)) /19) to

=Ceiling((RowNumber(Nothing)) /18)

Lets run the report after that change and then export into word.

Report export look like below:-


Report Word Export is attached alsoSampleWordExport


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